Writing Credit Presentations

Commercial Loan Presentations

Full Day: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Training for credit analysts, commercial lenders & loan assistants on writing credit presentations. Attendees learn how to prepare presentations that clearly describe the loan request, the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, the proposed loan structure and overall credit risk.

Seminar Background
 As never before, commercial credit presentations should reflect a lender’s reasoning and the basis for recommending approval of a loan. Presentations should be concise but complete with the key information and analysis required for the rendering of a credit decision. In today's economy, presentations must also meet the ever increasing scrutiny of examiners. Unfortunately, loan presentations many times are poorly written, fail to clearly explain the loan structure and lack the key information for supporting the soundness of the loan.

Sample Presentations.
In the training, attendees review a series of sample loan presentations for the following types of loans;

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan
  • Owner Occupied CRE Loan
  • Working Capital Line of Credit

Attendees identify the specific weaknesses in the credit presentations. We then review how the presentations can be rewritten or information required correcting these deficiencies.

In reviewing the sample presentations, we address the following topics;

  • The Loan Request: We outline the major components of a commercial loan presentation. Attendees learn how to succinctly summarize the key components of the loan request.


  • Poor Loan Structure: Attendees review how presentations should identify the purpose of a loan and the primary, secondary & tertiary sources of repayment. How the proposed loan structure will protect the source of repayment.


  • Projected Cash Flow: From an examiners perspective, cash flow is the primary source of repayment for a commercial loan. Attendees review what must be shown in a presentation to support projected cash flow of the borrower. How to anticipate and prepare for the questions typically asked by underwriters/examiners when reviewing cash flow projections. Requirement for presenting cash flow projections for Commercial Real Estate loans.


  • Inadequate Guarantor Analysis: Attendees review the requirements for presenting the analysis of a guarantor. If the guarantor is the basis for a loan being classified with a Pass grade, we identify what must be shown in the presentation to justify the guarantor as a credit mitigant.


  • Inadequate Financial Analysis: Poorly prepared presentations many times restate obvious changes in financial ratios, profit margins, liquidity or leverage while failing to explain why the changes have taken place. Others lack an in depth analysis discussion We identify inadequate financial analysis and explore ways for improvement.


  • Business/Industry Background: We identify the key requirements that a presentation should include in describing a borrower’s industry, product/service, competition & market, competitive advantage and management background.


  • Unsubstantiated Collateral Valuation: We identify the necessary information that should be in a credit presentation and/or credit file regarding collateral valuation. How to justify to examiners the value of Commercial Real Estate, Accounts Receivable, Inventory & Equipment.


  • Poorly Written Narratives: Attendees recognize poorly written, confusing language, contradictory statements and omissions. We learn how to avoid these common mistakes and how to improve the quality of the narratives.


Instructor: Jim Shreve
Over the past sixteen years, hundreds of lenders and credit analysts have attended seminars conducted by Jim Shreve. He has over 25 years in commercial lending and credit administration experience. He holds a Masters in Finance and a B.S. in Accounting. His work-shop styled approach to training is well known for providing a rewarding experience for all attendees regardless of their prior experience in credit analysis and lending.

Writing Credit Presentations


Denver                    3/24     To be rescheduled

Kansas City            3/26      To be rescheduled

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Seminar Time:
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Seminar Fee:
$250 per attendee 






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