Commercial Financial Analysis

A series of (1) day workshop styled training online seminars offering comprehensive training for credit analysts/lenders. Ideal training for preparing new credit analysts & lenders for their responsibilities in today’s lending environment.  


Our training is online but it is not a webinar! We limit attendance and attendees actively participate in the training. Commercial Financial Analysis is an online credit workshop! 

Attendees start with the basics of financial statements and complete the training by acquiring advanced credit skills.   Commercial Financial Analysis provides attendees both technical & interpretive analysis skills required in commercial lending.  Additionally, attendees gain an understanding of the requirements for underwriting sound commercial loans.  


Commercial Financial Analysis

Online Training

In each day of training, attendees review a loan request that would be typical of today’s lending environment.  We begin by reviewing a loan request of a Sole Proprietorship, then continue with an S Corporation and then conclude with a CRE Partnership. 


In each case study, attendees generate the borrower/guarantor’s cash flow using federal tax returns, business financial information and personal financial statements.  We review the most likely credit concerns that would face the lender in underwriting these loans. 


Special Requirements for Attendance


The Commercial Financial Analysis series of seminars is conducted as an online workshop however our training is not a webinar!  Accordingly there are specific requirements for all attendees.  Please review the requirements listed below.

CFA Training Fee: $675 per attendee  
Seminars meet from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  (Central Time)
Session July - August  *Registration Ends
CFA 2420 7/16/24 - 7/18/24 7/5/24
CFA 2421 7/23/24 - 7/25/24 7/12/24
CFA 2422 8/20/24 - 8/22/24 8/9/24
CFA 2423 8/27/24 - 8/29/24 8/16/24

*Registration closes earlier if attendance capacity reached.

Upcoming Sept - Oct Seminars
CFA 2424  Sept 17th - 19th
CFA 2425  Oct 1st - 3rd
CFA 2426  Oct 15th - 17th
CFA 2427  Oct 29th - 31st 

Special Requirements for Attendance


Approximately 3 days before the training, attendees will receive a binder with approximately 125 pages of handouts used in the training.  Additionally, attendees will be emailed at specific intervals of the training some 15 additional pages of handouts.  Therefore, we recommend that attendees have a printer available thru out the training for the immediate printing of these additional handouts. Or attendees may view the handouts on their monitor.


Due to the use at times of PowerPoint presentations and additional visual material presented in the training, attendees should have a computer with monitor & video cam for attending the training.  (Cell phones are simply not adequate)


Request that attendees verify that their computer video and audio system are working properly prior to the training.  The training will be held in a Zoom meeting. In order to participate in the training, attendees will be required to have their video turned on at all times.   (As with in-person training, we must be able to see and hear each other during the seminars.)


Attendees may not record the video or audio of the training.


Instructor: Jim Shreve

For twenty years, hundreds of lenders and credit analysts have attended seminars conducted by Jim Shreve. He has over 25 years in commercial lending and credit administration experience. He holds a Master’s in Finance and a B.S. in Accounting. His workshop styled approach to training is well known for providing a rewarding experience for all attendees regardless of their prior experience in credit analysis and lending.

Commercial Financial Analysis


July-August Seminars

CFA 2420  7/16 - 7/18

CFA 2421  7/23 - 7/25

CFA 2422  8/20 - 8/22

CFA 2423  8/27 - 8/29


CFA Training Fee

$675 per Attendee


 Sept - Oct Seminars

CFA 2424  9/17 - 9/19

CFA 2425  10/1 - 10/3

CFA 2426  10/15 - 17

CFA 2427  10/29 - 31 

Writing Credit



WCP 2403  5/21 Closed

WCP 2404  5/23 Closed


$275 per Attendee

C & I 

Working Capital Financing


Date to be announced

$275 per Attendee



On-Site Training 


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