Exclusive On-Site Training 

All of our training seminars can be conducted exclusively on-site for a commercial bank. The seminars are held at the bank facilities and conducted in-person by our instructor.


Rather than a per-attendee fee, there is a fixed charge.  The cost typically proves to be more economical for a bank with a large group of attendees. 


Please contact us to discuss training on-site for your bank.  We look forward to tailoring a program to fit your requirements.



E-Mail :            clending@ftdresources.com

Phone:            (713) 867-3923


Commercial Financial Analysis


2023 Thru May


CFA 2306  4/11 - 4/13

CFA 2307  4/25 - 4/27

CFA 2308  5/9 - 5/11


CFA Training Fee

$675 per Attendee


Writing Credit



WCP 2301   3/28
(Session Closed)


WCP 2302   3/30


WCP Training Fee

$275 per Attendee




CRE Lending 






On-Site Training