FTD Resources has been a leading provider of specialized training for commercial lending, credit analysis, portfolio managers and underwriters since 2003. Our courses are designed to equip professionals in the banking industry with the knowledge and skills to make informed lending decisions and mitigate risk.

Interactive Training

Workshop Approach


Commercial Financial Analysis 

Online Credit Workshop


Day 1  Introduction to Financial Analysis

Day 2  Tools of Financial Analysis

Day 3  Advance Financial Analysis


Over the past 20 years, several thousand credit analysts & lenders from more than 700 commercial banks across 36 states have attended our flagship the Commercial Financial Analysis series of seminars.  The training has proven essential for preparing new credit analysts & lenders for their role in generating sound commercial loans. 


Unlike traditional webinars, Commercial Financial Analysis  seminars is conducted as interactive online workshops. We limit attendance and thus provide a small group training environment. Attendees actively participate in the training, ensuring a more engaging and immersive learning experience.

Each day of training revolves around reviewing loan requests that are representative of today's lending environment. We begin by examining a loan request from a Sole Proprietorship, followed by an S Corporation, and conclude with a CRE Partnership. In each case study, attendees are tasked with generating the cash flow of the borrower/guarantor using federal tax returns, business financial information, and personal financial statements. Furthermore, we thoroughly analyze the most probable credit concerns that lenders would encounter when underwriting these loans.


Commercial Financial Analysis$675 per attendee
Fee provides attendance to all (3) seminars plus training material.


July - August Seminars

CFA 2420 July 16th - 18th

CFA 2421 July 23rd - 25th

CFA 2422  August 20th - 22nd

CFA 2423  August 27th - 29th


Sept - Oct Seminars

CFA 2424  September 16th - 18th

CFA 2425  October 1st - 3rd

CFA 2426  October 15th - 17th

CFA 2427  October 29th - 31st


Seminars meet from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm    (Central Time)

Small Group Interactive Training




Writing Credit Presentations



Credit presentations that clearly describe the loan request, ability to repay, loan structure & overall credit risk. 

Training for credit analysts, commercial lenders & loan assistants on writing credit presentations.  Attendees learn how to prepare presentations that clearly describe the loan request, the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, the proposed loan structure and overall credit risk.  


Thru out the training, we focus on the credit officer’s perspective Attendees learn how to better anticipate their questions, the reason for the questions and how to verify that the presentation satisfactory answers these questions. 


Writing Credit Presentations Fee: $275 per attendee

WCP 2403 Tuesday, May 21st (Registration Closed)


WCP 2404 Thursday, May 23rd

Seminar meets from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central Time)


WCP being offered on two different dates to better fit the schedule for attendees.




C & I
Working Capital Financing



Lenders should have the essential skills and training for evaluating, structuring & managing  working capital lines of credit.


Working capital financing for a growing business can be very profitable for a commercial bank. However, lenders should recognize the risks and possess the credit skills required for such lending.  These skills are especially important for lenders currently managing working capital lines of credit but have inadequate training in C&I lending.


Seminar Key Topics

  • Understanding the risks in working capital financing
  • Determining the appropriate amount of a line of credit
  • Recognizing the warning signs of the high-risk borrower
  • Rigorously evaluating accounts receivable and inventory
  • Structuring and monitoring a working capital line of credit
  • Protecting and liquidating working capital collateral

Working Capital Financing Fee: $275 per attendee

Date to be announced

Seminar meets from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central Time)


Exclusive On-Site Training 

All of our training seminars can be conducted on-site and exclusively for a bank. The seminars are held at the bank facilities and conducted in-person by our instructor.


Commercial Financial Analysis


July-August Seminars

CFA 2420  7/16 - 7/18

CFA 2421  7/23 - 7/25

CFA 2422  8/20 - 8/22

CFA 2423  8/27 - 8/29


CFA Training Fee

$675 per Attendee


 Sept - Oct Seminars

CFA 2424  9/17 - 9/19

CFA 2425  10/1 - 10/3

CFA 2426  10/15 - 17

CFA 2427  10/29 - 31 

Writing Credit



WCP 2405  9/3 

WCP 2406  9/5 


$275 per Attendee

C & I 

Working Capital Financing


WCF 2402   8/6

$275 per Attendee



On-Site Training 


CRE Lending