Onsite or Online our philosophy for training continues as in the past.  Provide a practical, realistic and most importantly a small group work-shop approach to training where attendees actively participate.  Hands on practical training with no university styled lectures. 

Despite being a small business without the marketing budget of a large training organization, we have grown dramatically.  Since 2003, over 700 commercial banks from 27 states have sent attendees to our seminars. List of Banks Several thousand credit analysts and lenders have attended our flagship training the Commercial Financial Analysis series of seminars.  For hundreds of commercial banks across the country, this training has proven essential for preparing new credit analysts and lenders for their role in generating sound commercial loans. References

Beyond providing attendees technical analysis skills, Commercial Financial Analysis allows credit analysts & lenders the opportunity to gain an immediate insight into the underwriting of commercial loans.  In each day of training, attendees review a loan request that would be typical of today’s commercial banking environment.  We begin by reviewing a loan request of a Sole Proprietorship, then continue with an S Corporation and then conclude with a CRE Partnership.  In each case study, attendees generate the borrower/guarantor’s global cash flow using federal tax returns, business financial information and personal financial statements.  We review the most likely credit concerns that would face the lender in underwriting these loans. (See: Instructor Background )


Commercial Financial Analysis is structured for both the inexperienced and experienced credit analyst or lender.  Inexperienced attendees have the opportunity to start with the basics of financial statements, progress with obtaining the tools of analysis and complete the training by acquiring advanced credit skills.  By attending individual seminars, experienced attendees can sharpen existing skills and obtain more advanced tools of analysis.

In our work-shop styled training seminars, attendees gain the working knowledge and the credit analysis skills that are required in today's difficult commercial lending environment.

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Commercial Financial Analysis 


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