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Is your training more or less a repeat of the various state banking association’s training seminars ?

Training offered by various state banking associations varies considerably as to quality and content.  Typically, they provide training in not just credit analysis but also such areas as branch administration, loan operations, consumer lending, etc.    

All we do is train credit analysts and lenders.  The topics we cover were chosen by Chief Credit Officers from across the country as the most important areas for training.  For over 10 years, we have devoted our full attention to developing a program that fits the expectations of Chief Credit Officers. It is no surprise that attendees and their managers routinely report to us how superior our training is to other programs.


Your organization is new to my bank, how can we verify the quality of your training before attending?

Two ways to get comfortable with the quality of our training.  First, check our references and e-mail our listed references.  Or, provide us your e-mail address and we will forward references located in or near your market.  With previous attendees from over 500 banks, we will promptly provide suitable references for you.

Second, for banks new to our training, we won’t invoice your bank until after the training and only if you are satisfied with the quality of our training.  We stand behind the quality of our seminars. 


I am a new credit analyst with little experience. Will the Commercial Financial Analysis series be too much me?

For over 10 years we have made it our business to prepare credit analysts for their jobs.  Our goal is to make this training a rewarding experience for all attendees regardless of their previous level of experience.  Hundreds of inexperienced analysts have made a quantum jump in their credit skills by attending this training.  However, if you want to make sure this training fits for you please  E-mail us and we will gladly contact you to discuss your questions or concerns.


I am a lender with some experience but need to sharpen my credit skills.  How can this training help me?

You will definitely improve your technical skills in working with cash flow and ratios.  You should also gain a much better understanding of how a Chief Credit Officer and/or loan committee looks at credit risk.  You will be exposed to topics such as proper loan structuring, guarantor analysis, how examiners grade loans,  signs of a financially distressed borrower, collateral evaluation and many other very important commercial lending topics.



Commercial Financial Analysis 


CFA 2216 Online 

10/25 - 10/27