Commercial Financial Analysis (Part 1)

Introduction to Financial Analysis

The Financial Analysis Process
Structure of the Income Statement & Balance Sheet

Financial & Accounting Terms

Key Factors Affecting Revenue, Costs & Income

Cash Vs Accrual Accounting

Evaluating the Quality of Financial Statements

Reconciling Net Worth

Determining NOI & DSC for CRE Loans

Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C) Cash Flow Analysis

Global Cash Flow Analysis of a Sole Proprietorship


An ideal seminar for those attendees new to the credit function that lack the confidence in reviewing financial statements and performing a credit analysis.  Beyond the basics of financial analysis, the training focuses on the process of conducting an analysis.  Case study for the seminar allows attendees to develop  Global Cash Flow for a sole proprietorship business owner.  Essential training for new credit analysts, small business lenders & commercial lenders.  


 Who should attend?
New credit analysts, small business lenders, commercial lenders or anyone inexperienced in analyzing financial statements or reviewing tax returns of a business owner.  Case study for the seminar allows attendees to develop  Global Cash Flow for a sole proprietorship business owner.


Seminar Topics 

  • The Financial Analysis Process : The Steps in Performing a Credit Analysis.

  • Understanding the Key Accounting & Financial Terms found in Financial Statements.

  • Sources of Information for Performing a Credit Analysis.

  • Basic Structure of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet

  • Analyzing the Income Statement:  Identifying the Key Accounts.

  • Operating Factors Affecting Revenue, Costs and Income.

  • Recognizing the Differences between Cash Basis and Accrual Accounting.

  • Analyzing the Balance Sheet: Estimating Liquidity, Capacity and Leverage.

  • Reconciling Net Worth 

  • Identifying Contingent Liabilities of a Business.

  • Evaluating Compiled, Reviewed and Audited Financial Statements.

  • Determining Net Operating Income and Debt Service Coverage for a CRE Property.


Case Study:
Using a business owner’s personal financial information and their federal tax 1040 tax return with schedule C & E, we determine Global Cash Flow. We judge  the ability of the business owner to service a proposed real estate loan. 


Introduction to Financial Analysis
Seminar Time:
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Seminar Fee:
$250 per attendee per seminar.

($625 for an attendee to all  (3) Commercial Financial Analysis seminars.)


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 Dallas/Fort Worth  
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Commercial Financial Analysis


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