Commercial Financial Analysis



Commercial Financial Analysis Online will offer the same agenda, material and discussion as provided in onsite training. The same seminars, but will just be online.  Since this training is a workshop not a webinar, there will be  specific requirements of all attendees.  Please review the requirements listed below.

Commercial Financial Analysis is structured for both the inexperienced and experienced credit analyst or lender. Inexperienced attendees have the opportunity to start with the basics of financial statements, progress with obtaining the tools of analysis and complete the training by acquiring advanced credit skills. By attending individual seminars, experienced bankers can sharpen existing skills and obtain more advanced tools of analysis.

Part 1     Introduction to Financial Analysis

Part 2     Tools of Financial Analysis

Part 3     Advance Financial Analysis


Instructor: Jim Shreve

Over the past seventeen years, hundreds of lenders and credit analysts have attended seminars conducted by Jim Shreve. He has over 25 years in commercial lending and credit administration experience. He holds a Masters in Finance and a B.S. in Accounting. His work-shop styled approach to training is well known for providing a rewarding experience for all attendees regardless of their prior experience in credit analysis and lending. (See: Instructor Background )

Seminar Fee

$ 600 per  attendee


2021 Schedule    
Commercial Financial Analyis Online    
All training meets from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central Time)    
Session 2102   (Registration Closed)    
Introduction to Financial  Analysis      1/26/21    
Tools of Financial Analysis                 1/27/21    
Advance Financial Analysis               1/28/21    
Session 2103   (Registration Closes 1/29/21)    
Introduction to Financial    Analysis    2/9/21    
Tools of Financial Analysis                2/10/21    
Advance Financial Analysis               2/11/21    
Session 2104   (Registration Closes 2/5/21)    
Introduction to Financial   Analysis    2/16/21    
Tools of Financial Analysis                2/17/21    
Advance Financial Analysis               2/18/21    
Session 2105   (Registration Closes 2/19/21)    
Introduction Financial Analysis         3/2/21      
Tools of Financial Analysis               3/3/21    
Advance Financial Analysis              3/4/21    
Session 2106   (Registration Closes 2/26/21)    
Introduction to Financial Analysis      3/9/21    
Tools of Financial Analysis                3/10/21    
Advance Financial Analysis               3/11/21    


Special Requirements for Attendance

Approximately 3 days before the training, attendees will receive a binder with approximately 95 pages of handouts used in the training.  Additionally, attendees will be emailed at specific intervals of the training some 35 additional pages of handouts. Therefore, attendees must have a printer available thru out the training for the immediate printing of these additional handouts.


Due to the Power Point presentations and additional visual material presented in the training, attendees must have a computer with monitor & video cam for attending the training.  (Cell phones are simply not adequate)


Request that attendees verify that their computer video and audio system is working properly prior to the training.  (The training will be held in a Zoom meeting) In order to participate in the training, attendees will be required to have their video turned on at all times.


Attendees may not record the video or audio of the training.


Commercial Financial Analysis 



   Session 2102  

1/26/21 - 1/ 28/21      (Registration Closed) 


Session 2103

     2/9/21 - 2/11/21      (Registration Closes 1/29) 


Session 2104

     2/16/21 - 2/18/21      (Registration Closes 2/5) 


Session 2105

     3/2/21 - 3/4/21      (Registration Closes 2/19) 


Session 2106

     3/9/21 - 3/11/21      (Registration Closes 2/26)