C & I Lending

Managing Credit Risk

Full Day: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Training for commercial lenders, credit analysts & underwriters on managing risk in commercial & industrial lending. Ideal for lenders currently developing controls and procedures to support their plans to increase working capital & equipment lending.

 Loan Structure & Covenants 

We analyze proper commercial loan structure for revolving lines of credit, term loans, seasonal and other types of loans.  Attendees study what can go wrong with these types of loans and how sound loan structure minimizes these risks.  We review the role of non-financial covenants in loan agreements and the typical financial covenants for the following loans: 


  • Term loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Seasonal
  • Bridge loans


C & I Loan Agreements 

We analyze the structure and key components of a realistic sample C & I loan agreement.  Attendees learn how an agreement is used to manage and monitor a commercial loan relationship.  Topics include; 


  • Guidelines for negotiating an agreement
  • Setting effective financial covenants for working capital and term loans
  • The role of non-financial covenants in loan agreements
  • How to respond to defaults, when to provide waivers, amendments and accelerate the maturity of a loan


Collateral Evaluation & Documentation 

We review the key factors that can influence liquidation value of accounts receivable, inventory & equipment. A lending officer’s due diligence requirements in taking collateral.  We review what actions the loan officer must take in order for the bank to properly document a perfected security interest and insure a realizable liquidation value in accounts receivable, inventory & equipment.


Working Capital Financing 

Attendees learn to recognize businesses that are suitable candidates for working capital financing. We project a borrower’s potential working capital requirements and evaluate the factors that could impact required borrowings.


 Examination of Borrower

We review a detailed examination checklist that lenders can use to evaluate accounts receivable & inventory. Attendees learn to recognize negative signs that could suggest higher credit risk. Conversely, we outline positive operating & business characteristics that lessen credit risk. We outline the key factors that need to be evaluated in setting a collateral margin against accounts receivable & inventory. 

Controlling Payments & Advances 

We outline possible procedures for controlling payments & advances. Topics include; 

  • When to use a lockbox
  • Methods for handling pay-downs
  • Using blocked accounts
  • Methods for handling advances


Collateral Control & Protection

Attendees review the options that a lender could consider in controlling & protecting collateral. Topics include; 


  • Notification & Non-notification financing
  • Protecting the bank from competing claims
  • How to routinely scrutinize borrowing base reports for discrepancies
  • Checklist for loan officer’s responsibilities
  • Requirements, issues & concerns in performing field audits
  • Guidelines for bank staff performing a field audit & collateral verification


Collateral Liquidation

Attendees review the procedures & legal issues related to liquidating receivables & inventory. How a lender can maximize the liquidation value of this collateral. 


Instructor: Jim Shreve

Since 2003, attendees from over 700 banks have attended his seminars. He has over 25 years experience in commercial lending and credit administration. His background includes 10 years of extensive loan work-out experience with a major Texas based regional bank during the tumultuous 1980’s. He holds a Masters in Finance and a B.S. in Accounting.  


C & I Lending


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Seminar Time:
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Seminar Fee:
$250 per attendee 





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